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That leaf

Look at the way that leaf moves

Jiggering : jittering : jiggling : quivering

One of so many Yet it caught my eye

Where is the face in the tree I used to fancy I could see

Oh Nature

You move and change so radically and yet so subtly

How do we fall so easily into the arrogance of certainty?

The certainty is that we are part of you.

To stay attuned to this is satisfaction


Connection with ourselves in this moment

We are in you and you in us.

It’s going to be ok.

It already is ok.

Feeding this moment of noticing how ok it already is.

Feeling this ok moment.

Soothing my nervous system As the rhythm of my breath Synchs with the pace of nature

I find that now, here in this new moment, things are still ok

Maybe even a little bit more ok

Thank you Mother Earth For holding me so safely

I know I am at home in your embrace

I will care for you sincerely All the days of this life.

I love you.

The small dog

Against my will, my loyal will

The small dog, semi-orphan, ill-trained, cuter than I could wish for

Has bonded to me

I see our similarities, and surrender to her tender sweetness, softening my heart to allow her silver fluff to soak up the blood still pouring from the gaping wound left by the death of my longest love

Good girl to come

Good girl to sit

Good girl to stay